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Scissor Sharpening

Specializing in professional shear and scissor sharpening in Texas. learn more »


Scissor and Shear Repairs

The ability to repair shears and scissors that you need for your profession. learn more »


Scissors and Shears

Large selection of new and used shears and scissors for sale. learn more »

Out of Area Sharpening

Out of Area Sharpening

Not in Texas? Contact me about out of area sharpening. learn more »


Tom Sharpening The Right Way

Beauty schools are great for teaching the technical things concerning the cutting and styling of hair. My respect to the people who do this work has skyrocketed! All the mixing of chemicals to make the colors and perms right is nothing short of amazing to all who have a limited understanding of what you do.

In the same way a good scissor/shear sharpener can do things that few out side the business understand. If you are reading this there is a high likelihood that you have run into a sharpener that has not understood his trade and has done a less than satisfactory job on your shears.

I built a workstation of attractive diamond plate aluminum and a good aluminum chair and added wheels. Thus a portable workstation was born that sets up and tares down in seconds, is whisper quiet and can use it anywhere.

Sharpening - Clean and Quite

My goal is to have 300-400 loyal salons as my cliental with in 50 to 75 miles of Rockwall, Texas. I have no desire to take business away from a good sharpener! If you have a good sharpener please be loyal to him! But if you have some one who messes up your shears, does not guarantee his work, is not available when you need him, or just causes you feel uncomfortable, give me a call! Contact Now »

If you want to be sure that I know my stuff, visit the Experience page on this site. Visit Now »


I am known for is being able to repair damaged shears either from misuse, dropping, or another sharpener’s mistakes. It frustrates me to no end that some one will put a beveled edge on good convex shear!

If you need your equipment repaired, contact me right away. Contact Now »


I have a line of shears to sell at a less than retail price! They are of great quality.

Browse Scissor Mall to see what I can offer. Visit Scissor Mall »

I can bring selections for you to look at while I sharpen your equipment. Let me know if there is anything specific you may need. Contact Now »

Out of Area Sharpening

I do mail order sharpening for those out of the East Texas/ Dallas area.

You pay the shipping to me and I will charge you the same rate as if I were to come to your salon.

Call me now to scheduel a sharpening by mail. Contact Now »

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to sharpen your scissors and shears

Call:      218-259-4673 (HOPE)
Email:   sharpeningexpress@gmail.com

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     We are committed to providing every stylist with the finest sharpening service. You can trust us to act with integrity, honesty, and your best interest in every transaction.
     We honor our commitments and are devoted to excellence in both our products and service.

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What Customers Say

testThere are a lot of gimmicks or outright lies that stylists are hearing at the beauty shows lately: There are scissors made out of only cobalt or only titanium; titanium coated scissors are sharper or more durable; there are self-sharpening scissors; or scissors that NEVER need to be sharpened (I don’t know what they are supposed to do when they get nicked); or scissors that will be sharper after you put them in the freezer overnight. They buy a scissor because it has “free” lifetime sharpening, only to find that it costs them $25.00 or $35.00 for “shipping and handling” to get it returned to them.”

by: the Scissor Mall