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Tom has a long history of sharpening things. In Boy Scouts and the Forest Service sharpen duties were relegated to him because it came so natural to him. When the twister hit Siren, Wisconsin a few years ago Tom couldn’t stay home when he knew people so close to his home, in Northern Minnesota, were suffering. In Siren he became known as the "Sawman" and sharpened chainsaws for most of two weeks.

Tom Stanton Helping by Sharpening

He has been going to wind disasters volunteering his services ever since. With his heart for service, sharpening for hair salons, barbershops and groomers has been a natural career for Tom. It allows him to pay the bills; the freedom to go when a storm strikes and gives a real sense of satisfaction from serving others.

Tom also helps retailers express appreciation to their customers by scheduling Customer Appreciation Days. This is where for a fee and donations, Tom sets up his scissors and knife sharpening equipment and sharpens for the customers of the store or salon. Feel free to contact Tom and any time with any questions or comments.

A big question that may be looming in your mind is: if he was so successful in Minnesota why did he give it up to move to Denver area? Good question! Answer: I was putting on 600 miles a week because of the distance between salons, and I was spending a lot on motels and gas. A more urban area is a lot more workable with less over head.

Plus, and this was the deciding factor for me, my sister who lives in Broomfield has been fighting cancer for several years and needed some one to help her. End of story- here I am!

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Our Service to You

     Sharpening Express is a locally owned company that specializes in professional shear and scissor sharpening in East Texas.
      We sharpen all types of beauty shears and scissors on a traditional flat hone. With both convex and bevel edged shears and scissors, we provide a sharp edge every time.
      We bring our equipment, products and service right to your door. Our self-contained work station allows us to work without interfering with your first responsibility, your client.
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What Customers Say

testI was skeptical about Tom when he showed up at my salon, so I gave him a pair of Centrex that a guy had "ruined". That guy put a beveled edge on my convexed edge shear. I sent them to Centrex and was told that I would need to buy a new pair, "These are not repairable!" Tom took them in stride and when he was finished they were a little shorter but other than that they looked and cut like new! I was shocked. Tom knows his business!”

by: Cottonwood, MN