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Shear Sense

Sharp scissors are good for your business. When you put off sharpening your scissors or shears not only are you reducing efficiency, you are courting carpel tunnel. Sharpening with the proper equipment and training can significantly increase the life of your shears. Our comprehensive training with the National Scissor Sharpening Guild and top notch equipment means you receive:

  • Thorough inspection, analysis and education about your scissors

  • Re-sharpening of shear to factory or better edge

  • A damage check on each blade

  • Precise tension adjustment

  • Replacement of bumpers, finger rests, screws & washers as needed

  • Cleaning, lubrication & final inspection of all moving parts

Sharpness Testing

Test for sharpness by spraying a section of perm tissue with water to emulate wet hair. Gently make a full blade cut through the wet strip. Sharp shears make a clean, crisp cut the full length of the blade. Dull shears cut part way through and fold the tissue.

Maintenance Purpose

Keeping your shears clean and well-maintained helps you perform to your peak abilities and protects you from physical damage to your wrist, arm and shoulder. You cannot do the best job possible if your tools are not in the best condition!

Cleaning and Lubricating

Thoroughly wash with warm, soapy water and dry with a clean, soft towel making certain your shears are thoroughly dry between the blades. After cleaning and drying, carefully open shears to a 90° angle. Place one to two drops of quality scissor lubricant into the “joint” around the pivot.

Adjusting Tension

Adjusting tension helps you get the best results from your shears. A loose tension allows the shears to fold the hair. A tension that’s too tight may cause unnecessary wear and user fatigue. Beware that when you torque the blades together it may be damaging both your wrist and the shears!

To test for tension, hold the shears with the tip pointing straight up. Lift one side and let drop. If the shears fall all the way closed, they are too loose. Proper tension allows the shears to close about two-thirds of the way.

Bad Sharpenging Tool


Do not trust your convex edged shears to a miniature bench grinder! Doing so can cause serious damage to them. Convex edged shears need to be sharpened on a flat hone. (We can repair some damaged shears to their original edge, ask for details)


Corrugation/serration in the scissor/shear world is the making of fine groves in the leading edge of the shear. The purpose of this style of shear blade is to help cut course hair more efficiently. Many ethnic groups have course to very course hair.

Men’s facial hair is also very course and course hair tends to want to slide in all but the sharpest of shears. The big problem is that course hair dulls the shear very rapidly. The corrugated/serrated shear grab the hair and hold it for the shearing action of the other blade.

Some salons require each stylist to have a pair of shears that are corrugated/serrated on both blades. This is because when they do a lot of dry cuts, have a lot of dirty hair (which is very hard on shears), or have a lot of ethnic clients.

What ever the reason you need your shears corrugated/serrated I have two different size grooves that I can put on a pair of your shear. Be sure to ask about it.

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How It All Started

     Tom has a long history of sharpening tools and equipment. In Boy Scouts and the Forest Service, sharpen duties were relegated to him because it came so natural to him.
      When the twister hit Siren, Wisconsin a few years ago Tom couldn’t stay home when he knew people so close to his home, in Northern Minnesota, were suffering. In Siren he became known as the "Sawman" and sharpened chainsaws for most of two weeks.
      Now he brings his expertise to the East Texas area to serve hair stylist and barbers. You cannot do the best job possible if your tools are not in the best condition possible!
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What Customers Say

testIt has been clear to us that Tom cares about the people he serves. We had a new girl fresh from school who had dull, ill fitting scissors but she was broke as most new stylist are and could not afford to have her shears sharpened. Tom opened his sales kit and fitted a shear to her hand and gave them to her with the promise that she would send him the money when she started making enough to pay for them. After Tom left the salon she cried!”