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Our Mission as Sharpeners in East Texas

We are committed to providing every stylist with the finest sharpening service. You can trust us to act with integrity, honesty and your best interest in every transaction. We honor our commitments and are devoted to excellence in both our products and service.

About Me

Hello my name is Tom Stanton, some call me the "Scissor Whisperer!" I am not new to sharpening as you will see as you page though this web site. There is a lot of information packed into this site to help you have the best styling equipment you can.

I am not here to hurt other GOOD sharpeners, but I am here to help protect you from another bad experience with a so called sharpener. As you read through this site please feel free to jot down questions and comment that come to mind and feel free to give me a call.

I do do mail order sharpening for those out of the East Texas/Dallas area. You pay the shipping to me and back and I will charge you the same rate as if I were to come to your salon.

In the near future I will be doing clipper blades as well but can provide the names and locations of two very good clipper sharpening services.

More About Me and Sharpening Express

Before starting in the specialized sharpening of beauty shears I did a lot of research. I came across a fairly cheap system of sharpening that is used by some sharpeners. I discovered that unless the operator takes a great deal of time to sharpen your shears he puts a beveled edge on your convex edged beauty shears. I found several companies that have really good sales pitches and gimmicks for new style sharpening. (Honestly, I almost put myself in bondage to one of these companies!)

But as I did my due diligence study I discovered that you just can’t beat the system developed in Japan for sharpening your good convex shears. I use 8000 grit water stone and a variable speed 6-inch flat hone to put a incredible edge on your shears. Many stylists tell me that when I am done their shears are sharper than when they came from the factory.

I was trained by one of the best sharpeners in America who is recognized as a Grand Master sharpener and I developed some techniques of my own that have been very helpful.

When I first started sharpening I did it like I was told and went in to salons and set my equipment up on what ever they had available (washing machine, a cleared desk, table, or even an empty work station.) I found this totally unacceptable! (As did a lot of the salon managers) I did not like disrupting the flow of the work that was being done in the salon.

So I built a workstation of attractive diamond plate aluminum and a good aluminum chair and added wheels. Thus a portable workstation was born that sets up and tares down in seconds, is whisper quiet and can use it anywhere. (I even have a portable power supply for the rare occasion that sharpening in a salon is not possible.)

A lot of sharpeners have trucks and take your shears out of the salon to sharpen them and that is ok, but I have found that many stylist are nervous about allowing their expensive shears out of their salon. Me? I invite you to watch and learn what constitutes a good sharpener and how sharpening should be done to prolong the life of your valuable shears.

If you have old shears that have been "Ruined" some how, please don’t throw them away! Many times I can fix them so that they are usable again. I can even put the convex edge back on a pair of shears that have fallen into the hands of the guy who bevels everything he sharpens!

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Call:      218-259-4673 (HOPE)
Email:   sharpeningexpress@gmail.com

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Our Service to You

     Sharpening Express is a locally owned company that specializes in professional shear and scissor sharpening in East Texas.
      We sharpen all types of beauty shears and scissors on a traditional flat hone. With both convex and bevel edged shears and scissors, we provide a sharp edge every time.
      We bring our equipment, products and service right to your door. Our self-contained work station allows us to work without interfering with your first responsibility, your client.
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What Customers Say

testToms knowledge of his work and products is amazing. He should teach a class in beauty schools to give us the information we need to protect our selves from the want-to-be sharpeners. I hope you take every opportunity to learn what this guy is willing to share with you! We already miss him!”

by: Fargo